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A happy loving space, igniting passion, purpose, curiosity and creativity in children.

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yu Learning & Fun
Children learn through fun with emphasis on creating a lifelong love for learning.
child eating Healthy Meals
Nutrition and well balanced meals prepared under highly hygienic settings for the children.
cs Children Safety
Our school is safe and well secured. Your children deserve a safe environment in which to play, learn and grow.
ec Extended Care
Our Extended Care program provides enriching activities, extending classroom learning after school hours.

Raven's Creek Programs

Little Explorers (4 – 5 years class)
Not to exceed a 7:1 student/teacher ratio.
Jelly Tots (3 – 4 years class)
Not to exceed a 7:1 student/teacher ratio.
Jelly Beans (2 – 3 years old class)
Not to exceed a 5:1 student/teacher ratio.
Jelly Babies (1 - 2 years class)
Not to exceed a 4:1 student/teacher ratio.
Jelly Bellies (under 1 year)
Not to exceed a 3:1 baby/nanny ratio.

Raven's Creek Preschool

We exist to provide a safe, loving, colorful environment for your children, and to nurture the whole child physically, academically, emotionally and socially.

Full Day Sessions
Fun Learning
Varied Classes
Safe & Friendly Place

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We enroll children from the ages of 6 months to 5 years old,

We utilize the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which means our teaching is based on the British National Curriculum. However, we have infused elements of the Montessori methods of teaching with practical life, sensorial arts, Mathematics and Philosophy. The Nigerian curriculum with language, culture and history into some of our teachings to enable our children have a knowledge of the environment they reside.

Registration and development fees must be paid in full to secure a space for your child. All schools fees should be paid at least a week before the first day of school or your child may not be allowed to attend classes. School fees may be paid through Bank transfer only. Account details will be provided at the front desk.

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